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Darparwr data: Llywodraeth Cymru Ystadegau Gwladol Llifau mudo, mewn miloedd, rhwng Cymru a gweddill y Byd (nad yw'n cynnwys y DU) yn ôl llif a blwyddyn
Measure 1
[Lleihau]Net migrationCliciwch yma i ddidoliNet migration
Cliciwch yma i ddidoliInward migrationCliciwch yma i ddidoliOutward migration
1991 i 19926,000-8,000-2,000
1992 i 19936,000-7,000-1,000
1993 i 19948,000-8,0000
1994 i 19958,000-7,0001,000
1995 i 199612,000-7,0004,000
1996 i 19978,000-7,0002,000
1997 i 19989,000-7,0003,000
1998 i 19998,000-6,0002,000
1999 i 20008,000-4,0004,000
2000 i 20018,000-9,000-1,000
2001 i 200210,000-8,0003,000
2002 i 200311,000-12,000-1,000
2003 i 200410,000-8,0002,000
2004 i 200512,000-12,0000
2005 i 200611,000-8,0003,000
2006 i 200715,000-10,0005,000
2007 i 200816,000-12,0004,000
2008 i 200916,000-11,0005,000
2009 i 201015,000-15,0000
2010 i 201113,000-12,0001,000
2011 i 201217,000-12,0004,000
2012 i 201321,000-6,00014,000


Llifau mudo rhyngwladol, rhwng Cymru a gweddill y Byd (nad yw'n cynnwys y DU).

Diweddariad diwethaf
Ionawr 2015 Ionawr 2015

Diweddariad nesaf
ONS have discontinued the data for this table, as a more accurate source for estimates has been identified at a regional level. Future updates can be found in the weblinks.

Sefydliad cyhoeddi
Llywodraeth Cymru

Ffynhonnell 1
Ystadegau ymfudo rhyngwladol hirdymor, y Swyddfa Ystadegau Gwladol

Cyswllt ebost

Ystadegau Gwladol

Lefel isaf o ddadelfennu daearyddol

Cwmpas daearyddol

Cwmpas ieithyddol
Saesneg yn unig

Trwyddedu data
Gallwch ddefnyddio ac ailddefnyddio'r data hwn am ddim mewn unrhyw fformat neu gyfrwng, dan delerau'r Drwydded Llywodraeth Agored - gweler

Disgrifiad cyffredinol
This dataset contains information from the Office for National Statistics long-term international migration data for Wales, showing the migrant flows into and out of Wales from outside the UK, and also a net position. The data for Wales are released as part of the series of quarterly migration statistics reports produced by the Office for National Statistics, which provide more detail behind the UK data released earlier in the year.

Casgliad data a dull cyfrifo
Long term international migration is estimated by combining data from the International Passenger Survey from the Office for National Statistics, Home Office data on asylum seekers and visitor switches with estimates of migration between the Republic of Ireland and Wales from the Irish Labour Force survey.
Data are independently rounded to the nearest thousand and may not add or subtract exactly.
For more information please see weblinks.

Amlder cyhoeddi
Dim hwy diweddaru

Cyfnodau data dan sylw
Data are published annually and included here from 1991-1992, with each period's data covering the change from 30 June in the prior year to 30 June in the latter year. The data are usually released as part of the last quarterly migration statistics report of the year.

Defnyddwyr, defnydd a chyd-destun
The data are used to provide an understanding of the scale of international migration to and from Wales in each year. Further information showing a breakdown into local areas in Wales (but measured slightly differently to allow for the availability of different sources) can be found via the weblinks.
More generally migration statistics have a range of uses across the public sector and beyond. For example the Office for National Statistics uses them in population estimates and projections, while wider central government use them to inform policy-making and resource allocation to local authorities, who in turn use the statistics to help estimate the demands on their services – for example, the number of school places required.
Additional users include health bodies who use them to help forecast requirements for health services, particularly for maternity and geriatric services and other providers of service across the public and private sectors such as registered social landlords and housing associations, developers and utility companies, who may use internal migration statistics to predict demand for their respective services in their area.
Other users include academia, who use the data for research and the media may use the statistics to inform articles and debate on migration and related topics.

Talgrynnu wedi'u ddefnyddio
Data are independently rounded to the nearest thousand and may not add or subtract exactly.

Gwybodaeth am ddiwygiadau
Data have been revised to take account of a review published in April 2014 into issues with long term migration estimates (see weblinks).

Ansawdd ystadegol
See weblinks.

International migration; long-term international migration; LTIM; migration; flows