Neidio i'r cynnwys
Darparwr data: Llywodraeth Cymru Ystadegau Gwladol Y wlad lle mae myfyrwyr cymwysedig cyflogedig yn gweithio yn ôl y wlad lle gwnaethant astudio

Wedi ei archifo (Saesneg yn unig) – Nid yw’n cael ei ddiweddaru mwyach.

Gender 1[Hidlo]
[Lleihau]LevelLevel of qualification obtained[Hidlo]
Level 1[Hidlo]
MeasureNumber or percentage of known responses.[Hidlwyd]
[Lleihau]ModeFull-time includes full-time and sandwich study, plus those writing-up theses following full-time study.<br /><br />Part-time includes part-time study, full-time  on courses lasting less than 24 weeks, block release or studying during the evenings, plus those writing-up theses following part-time study.<br />[Hidlo]
Mode 1[Hidlo]
[Lleihau]Country of InstThe allocation of an institution to a geographical region is done by reference to the administrative centre of that institution. There may be students registered at institutions who are studying in regions other than that of the administrative centre of the institution. <br /><br />The Open University is counted as a wholly English institution. The administrative centre is located in England, although The Open University teaches throughout the UK. [Hidlo]
Country of Inst 1
[Lleihau]DestinationLocation of employment. This field describes the location of the HE leaver\'s place of work. Data is supplied to HESA in the form of postcodes for employment in the UK or country codes. Postcodes are mapped to unitary authorities, government office regions and UK countries using the National Statistics Gridlink® ‘All Fields\’ Postcode Directory (AFPD). Countries are mapped to geographical regions following consultation with the Department for Education and Skills.[Hidlo]
[Lleihau]Destination 1
Destination 2
[Lleihau]AllCliciwch yma i ddidoliAll
Cliciwch yma i ddidoliWelsh InstitutionCliciwch yma i ddidoliEnglish InstitutionCliciwch yma i ddidoliScottish InstitutionCliciwch yma i ddidoliNorthern Irish Institution
EnglandNorth East5511,0902202511,385
North West51028,6503403529,540
Yorkshire and the Humber17519,5502352519,985
East Midlands16015,9201451016,235
West Midlands73520,4551502021,365
South East81532,1454305533,450
South West1,23519,2352203020,715
England region unknown202,98080953,180
[Ehangu]Northern Ireland351,0402605,2356,570
[Ehangu]Channel Islands and Isle of Man255302510595
[Ehangu]United Kingdom unknown1054515*The data item is disclosive or not sufficiently robust for publication570
[Ehangu]Other EU1602,6153051553,235
[Ehangu]Other Overseas2354,0105004305,175
[Ehangu]Not Known51,17075201,270


EDUC0051: Geographical destination of qualifiers by country of study

Welsh Government

Diweddariad Nesaf: Nid yw’n cael ei ddiweddaru mwyach.Diweddariad Nesaf: Nid yw’n cael ei ddiweddaru mwyac