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Wrth i'r galw gynyddu ar gyfer ystadegau a data i fesur effaith y pandemig COVID19, mae rhaid i ni newid ein harferion casglu a rhyddhau data, gan ganolbwyntio ymdrechion ar ddadansoddiadau ac ystadegau blaenoriaeth.

Darparwr data: Llywodraeth Cymru Ystadegau Gwladol Staff mewn SAUau yng Nghymru yn ôl gradd, sefydliad a blwyddyn
[Lleihau]Activity 1[Hidlo]
Activity 2[Hidlo]
Mode 1[Hidlo]
Gender 1[Hidlo]
Grade 1
Institution 1
Cliciwch yma i ddidoli2003/04Cliciwch yma i ddidoli2004/05Cliciwch yma i ddidoli2005/06Cliciwch yma i ddidoli2006/07Cliciwch yma i ddidoli2007/08
[Lleihau]All grades[Lleihau]Professors[Lleihau]All Welsh HEIs615645775820950
All Welsh HEIsBangor University6060707590
Glyndwr University55101010
Aberystwyth University6570707080
University of Wales, Lampeter1515151515
Trinity College, Carmarthen**51010
Swansea University100100125140180
Swansea Metropolitan University5555*
University of Glamorgan4045655095
University of Wales Institute, Cardiff5*51525
Cardiff University270335395420445
University of Wales College of Medicine40....
Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama****.
University of Wales, Newport101010155
[Ehangu]University of Wales, Registry****5
[Lleihau]Senior Lecturers & Researchers[Lleihau]All Welsh HEIs1,1351,6151,0901,3751,760
All Welsh HEIsBangor University100959595100
Glyndwr University3535403535
Aberystwyth University5060657075
University of Wales, Lampeter1515201520
Trinity College, Carmarthen1010***
Swansea University120135150140200
Swansea Metropolitan University25253030180
University of Glamorgan120685155525535
University of Wales Institute, Cardiff303045**
Cardiff University235475455430450
University of Wales College of Medicine345....
Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama20151515.
University of Wales, Newport25352520170
[Ehangu]University of Wales, Registry*****
[Lleihau]Lecturers[Lleihau]All Welsh HEIs2,9952,5603,2552,7352,110
All Welsh HEIsBangor University230215200205245
Glyndwr University135140140135145
Aberystwyth University215185190185195
University of Wales, Lampeter4045455060
Trinity College, Carmarthen8570105115110
Swansea University220220225205270
Swansea Metropolitan University255280265270120
University of Glamorgan5455566542045
University of Wales Institute, Cardiff350415450**
Cardiff University340630600785730
University of Wales College of Medicine295....
Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama20253030.
University of Wales, Newport260290345335185
[Ehangu]University of Wales, Registry*****
[Lleihau]Researchers[Lleihau]All Welsh HEIs1,3001,2551,3501,3351,610
All Welsh HEIsBangor University150175200180225
Glyndwr University**101010
Aberystwyth University110656580110
University of Wales, Lampeter5*555
Trinity College, Carmarthen**5**
Swansea University105105110130260
Swansea Metropolitan University*****
University of Glamorgan9575807080
University of Wales Institute, Cardiff151520**
Cardiff University590795830840885
University of Wales College of Medicine210....
Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama****.
University of Wales, Newport55101020
[Ehangu]University of Wales, Registry2020201515
[Lleihau]Other Grades[Lleihau]All Welsh HEIs1,5401,9601,6802,0552,415
All Welsh HEIsBangor University13019013511580
Glyndwr University55656010585
Aberystwyth University105350385380415
University of Wales, Lampeter5045556565
Trinity College, Carmarthen15305**
Swansea University275285120125165
Swansea Metropolitan University**5*5
University of Glamorgan70358085700
University of Wales Institute, Cardiff252050540550
Cardiff University615755585330325
University of Wales College of Medicine5....
Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama155155165275.
University of Wales, Newport4035403525
[Ehangu]University of Wales, Registry*****
[Lleihau]Non-academic: no grade recorded[Lleihau]All Welsh HEIs9,2459,1459,5559,75010,475
All Welsh HEIsBangor University1,2101,1401,1351,1001,060
Glyndwr University225220270275310
Aberystwyth University1,3701,2401,2401,0801,085
University of Wales, Lampeter145150155165180
Trinity College, Carmarthen145155145170165
Swansea University9008659158001,325
Swansea Metropolitan University290310330350360
University of Glamorgan9801,0251,0251,2851,405
University of Wales Institute, Cardiff700715795790940
Cardiff University1,8902,6452,8202,9553,050
University of Wales College of Medicine705....
Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama7590105140.
University of Wales, Newport485475510530505
[Ehangu]University of Wales, Registry11511011011095


EDUC0039 Staff at Welsh Higher Education Institutions by gender, activity, grade and mode of employment

ETES2: Welsh Assembly Government

Last update: Jan 2009
Was added to StatsWales: March 2009
Next update: Jan 2010
Will be added to StatsWales by: March 2010
Source: Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) Student Record.

These data provide information on staff employed by Higher Education Institutions in Wales. The data are collected by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) directly from institutions. HESA publish data for all UK HEIs in their annual publication Resources of Higher Education Institutions.

From the 2003/04 academic year HESA introduced a new record of staff data that combines and replaces the several staff data streams that were collected previously. Because of this change caution should be exercised when comparing 2003/04 staff data with that published from the previous staff records. The new record covers all academic and non-academic staff who have a contract of employment with a higher education institution (HEI) in the UK.

Note that the figures for Welsh HEIs include staff and finance data for the University of Wales Registry. Staff figures relate to staff with contracts active at December 1st of the academic year in question.

The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) collect data on students, staff and resources of higher education institutions (HEIs) in the UK. Further information about HESA and their data collections, including some online tables, can be found on their website

Rounding strategy
The presentation of figures in this table follows the principals of the HESA rounding strategy. The strategy is intended to prevent the disclosure of personal information about any individual. This strategy involves rounding all numbers to the nearest 5. A summary of this strategy is as follows:
· 0, 1, 2 are rounded to 0 and represented as '*'.
· All other numbers are rounded to the nearest 5

Total figures are also subject to this rounding methodology; the consequence of which is that the sum of numbers in each row or column may not match the total shown precisely.


EDUC0039 Staff at WHEIs